A good education is a key element of future success not only for the individual but also the larger community and the country. There are several NGOs in India that are working on various educational initiatives. Several of these NGOs are collecting data on student and school performance,and, few are publishing this data on their websites. For example, Pratham ( provides quality education to many children, and also publishes the ASER report on their reading and mathematics proficiency. Another organization,Child Reach International(CRI,, India chapter focuses on empowering children to achieve their right to education.

One of the challenges faced by the government, NGOs, parents, and the general public who want to look at and use the performance data is that the data is very distributed and hard to find. This makes it difficult to act on the data.

The goal of the Adopt-A-School project is to provide a way to make all this school performance data available to anyone who wants to look at it, in an easy-to-find and easy-to-use way. By making data available and transparent, we will encourage all interested parties to act on data and more importantly, track the fruits of their efforts.

Current Status

We aim to steer our project by adopting the three V's of Visualization, Verification and Validation.In the VISUALIZATION phase, we will identify 25 schools in Bangalore and access the student-to-teacher ratio data(source:National University of Educational Planning and Administration) in each of these schools.This content will be processed and presented in a visual form for easy analysis. In the VERIFICATION phase, we will collaborate with a leading NGO in Bangalore to collect the student-to-teacher ratio data from each of the 25 schools above.This data will also be presented in the form of visual content. The VALIDATION phase will visually showcase the overlaps and gaps between the data collected and presented in the Visualization and Verification phase.



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Team led by Karl Mehta

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