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[Archive of Indian Music(AIM)](http://archiveofindianmusic.org) is an organization that aims to digitize recordings and create a database of classical Indian music and other great historic works that have been long been forgotten or become inaccessible on vinyl/gramophone records. AIM also aims to enrich these recordings by sourcing additional information about them including biographical details of the artists, photographs, gramophone record sleeve images and other materials of historical significance that document the era of the record. 

Current Status

- Working on improving the playlist feature of AIM' website <http://archiveofindianmusic.org>
- Building wireframes of possible design of the playlist feature.

Next Steps

- Implement the new design of the playlist feature. 
- Personalize artist recommendations for each listener
- Create mobile apps similar to other music services on the internet
- Provide a platform for music and history enthusiasts across the world to donate relevant audio material
- Attract more communities of listeners to this website
- Develop a strategy to organize non-musical archives that include but not limited to Mahatma Gandhi's speech, Rabindranath Tagore's poems, and other audio materials of historic importance


Coming Soon!


- Padma Murthy - padmavathymurthy[dot]gmail[dot]com
- Ganapathy Chidambaram - ganapathy[dot]c[dot]gmail[dot]com