Rape is one of India’s most common crimes against its women, and as the UN human right’s chief terms it a “national problem”. A lot of times, the rape victim does not speak out because of social stigma. An overwhelming proportion of rape survivors know the attacker personally, as someone from their surroundings, family or daily life. Marital rape that occurs when spouses are living together can only receive civilian remedies. There is also a huge barrier to take the compliant to the police. 

To encourage the victims to speak out loud about the abuse they are going through, this project aims to design a private/secure website for victims of sexual assault and abuse. This website will also give a real picture of the number of abuse cases, map these reports to geographical location giving insights into 'danger zones', allow victims to create a united community that can one day made bigger changes to the society.

Current Status

- Building the website
- Database and server setup on AWS instance

Coming Soon!

Next Steps

- Mobile app and SMS functionality to be integrated

- Back-end and front-end developers

Coming Soon!


- Nisha Holla - hpnisha[at]gmail[dot]com
- Sahar Khan - sahark26[at]gmail[dot]com

Team Members
- Sahar Khan
- Nisha Holla
- Navina Ramesh
- Aditya Modi
- Ameya Gawde 
- Adeet Shah
- Parth Vijay
- Bharat Dave