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[Volunteers for a Better India (VBI)](http://www.vfabi.org) is an initiative launched to rebuild India. Its vision is to make India more socially vibrant, economically developed, culturally rooted and politically aware. It has worked on over 1000 projects in areas such as:

- Women Safety Empowerment Dignity
- Farmer Rural Development
- Creating community leaders
- Youth Participation in nation building

One of the most immediate and important issue to focus on is to encourage Indians to register and vote at the upcoming elections. The aim is to save endless hours of queuing at the Electoral Registration Office(ERO) by having a mobile application or a website to vote. 

Current Status

I Vote for a Better India(IVBI) was one of the first projects launched through Code For India. Version - 1 of the mobile app is built in 7 weeks and is available in the android app store.

- **Android app**: <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ovbi.voterregistration>

Users can fill the voter application - features to automatically fill state, constituency, taluka fields from pin code. Users can also find nearby VBI voter drives and submit their Form 6 voter application, photograph and proof of address, thus saving time going to the ERO office.

- **Website**: <http://www.ivoteforabetterindia.in>

Voters can search drives, fill new application, contact VBI volunteers via email/phone and print application. 

- **Volunteer Portal**: 

This is the administrator interface for VBI volunteers to create and link themselves to voter drives. They can also upload voter applications for a drive and edit the applications and notify the voter.

- **Voter Portal for outside agencies**:

This is exclusively marketed to 150,000 companies including NASSCOM. It allows voters to fill a new application, contact a volunteer at their organization and print the application.

Next Steps

More features are being added to each of the apps and portals mentioned above to release version 2. 


- Android Programmers
- Website Developers
- Python Developers
- Frontend Developers


- Ravi Kiran Kumar - sreeramravi [dot] gmail [dot] com
- OVBI Advisor: Satej Chaudary - chaudharysatej [dot] gmail [dot] com