Spotter is a web application that makes the reporting of civic infrastructure problems simpler for citizens. The point, shoot, report process makes it easy for any mobile using to file a report and place it on the map. This helps to mobilize crowd-sourcing of information and allows civic action groups to collect data to initiate action from the government municipality agencies. The system also delivers the latest online reports in a simple and transparent interface with photographic proof, with the intent to close the loop on reported problems and bring accountability into the citizen-NGO-government network.

Spotter has partnered with BPAC (Bangalore Political Action Committee), an active NGO that works with the municipality agencies to close the loop on these reports. With insights into user behavior, government processes and expected metrics, the next version of Spotter will bring richer functionality and intelligence into the system. Get in touch with the Spotter team on Twitter - @Spotter_In

Current Status
- Backend developed in Rails, APIs for v1.0 are ready
- Native Android app for v1.0 is ready
- CURRENTLY rebuilding the web frontend; check requirements for more details

Target Users
- Citizens with a smart phone/access to a browser
- NGOs on a desktop browser, to access the dashboard 


- New frontend designs for web
- New frontend implementation (Angular or similar MVC framework) for web

**If you are a frontend web developer with prior experience and 10 hours of time available, get in touch with pranavpai[at]codeforindia[dot]org** 

Skill Requirements

- Web designer to help with mobile-optimized web-app designs
- Front end designer to help with native mobile app designs


- Pranav Pai: pranavpai[at]codeforindia[dot]org
- Anurag Ramdasan: anurag [at] codeforindia [dot] org
- Ben Strauber