Currently, many small and medium sized NGOs are starting to use Android phones in their remote healthcare work. However there is a lack of Android apps for healthcare that can help these NGOs be most effective in their work. We at [World Health Partners (WHP)]( hire and train rural health providers who cater to needs of their low income communities and prescribe medical solutions. These health providers provide medical advice on a variety of conditions such as pneumonia and diarrhea, maternal and child health with focus on conditions like pre-eclampsia and other chronic diseases like diabetes, HIV, etc. Currently, these rural health providers are able to provide medical advice with the help of PC based software. If the NGOs are equipped with apps which can help port these solutions to mobile devices, they will be able to provide healthcare to more people efficiently and have a greater impact.

Our project therefore wants to create an android app which can do clinical diagnosis on the move. Tablet based clinical diagnosis algorithms that connect to external sensors such as pulse oximeters or digital blood pressure devices significantly improve the ability of the rural health provider to diagnose, treat and advice better. The health provider walks through a diagnosis with a patient using the step by step outline in the tablet device and taking readings on the sensors when prompted to do so by the tablet device. By making the app open source, it can serve also as a example/template for small and medium sized NGOs to build healthcare apps using the same. 

WHP anticipates that its 8,000 rural providers could move to a tablet based solution resulting in about 2 million tele-medicine consultations over the next 5 years. 

Example of clinical diagnosis app (no connection to sensors, we want to connect to sensors via APIs):

Current Status

Planning and requirements collection.

NGO Contacts

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 1. | World Health Partners (India) | | Harsh Shetty | harsh[at]worldhealthpartners[dot]org | <>|
 2. | World Health Partners (USA) | | Karen Pak Oppenheimer | karen[at]worldhealthpartners[dot]org | <>|


- Android Developer
- Android Designer

Team led by Tony Singh

- Vandana Bachani    - vandana_bvj[at]yahoo[dot]com