This project focuses on building features of an existing app to help people in distress. 
The app should trigger appropriate alert and response with minimum number of app users steps. 
Current Status:
   The current version of the app sends alert SMS with user’s location (longitude and latitude – with and without wifi) to the emergency contact numbers identified during installation. 


Part 1- 

1. App should be able to identify all the other app users (people in network) within a certain distance range. This distance should be variable to be set by user. 

2. App should be able to send alert message to all the people within that range. This message sending should continue every 5 minutes till the situation is verified by one of user’s emergency contacts or police. 

3. On receiving the message, the receivers should be able respond if they are going to help and see how many people will be joining them. 

Part 2: 
1. Once the alert is triggered, the app should be able to record and map the route of the user 

2. This recording should work without wi-fi also


    Software Developers/Designers


    Krithika Yetchina - krithikay at] gmail [dot] com
    Neha Garg -
    Vishal    -
    Krishna Yetchina -