This project focuses on bringing solutions to women safety and empowering the women and girls in India. The project has 3 phases.

- **SafeRoute** : Enable women to move around by providing the a safe route and all the incidents around the routes they choose to travel.

- **RescueMe** : When women are in distress, they can be rescued by their family, friends and/or GO and NGO in her vicinity

- **Empowerment** : women and girls can learn and seek
help about various issues like taboos, Health issues, legal and psychological counseling, anonymous reporting of physical and mental abuse.

The web site <>

 Krithika Yetchina, a high school freshmen from Lynbrook high school conceived the idea to come up with various tools for women safety and empowerment after
hearing about various atrocities faced by women in India

- Krithika - krithikay[at]gmail[dot]com
- Krishna - yetchina[at]gmail[dot]com
- Aayush - aayushkumar[at]gmail[dot]com