Problem Statement

Develop an online strategy that could match a **donor** with a **kitchen**, thus involving not only big corporations but a common man to help the day-to-day activity funding. Kitchen may be chosen based on personal criteria such as location, schools it serves food to or children impacted(profiles viewable).

**Note:** A Kitchen serves food to one or more schools. Children enroll in Schools. And since AkshayaPatra is primarily government sponcered, through this project, individual donors can only donate/track their donations at a kitchen level(not at a child level).

Target Users
A Common man or a Corporation willing to donate.

Web pages (as part of Akshayapatra website) – accessible to Donors/Akshapatra admins

Useful Skills
Django Developers

Front-end Developers

Current Progress
#### 1. Below use-cases identified:
- Admin creates a child's profile
- Donor signs up as a single user or corporation
    - Signup is mandatory to enroll in specific child support
    - Anonymous signups are supported
- Donor views a child's profile
- Donor views the progress of a child's condition
- Donor selects a child and donation program
    - Can filter children by condition, region etc.
    - Can filter donation programs by amount, one time/recurring, frequency etc.
- Donor views their donation history
- Donor saves/updates their payment profile

#### 2. Database schema proto-type drafted
- Django model created [automatically creates schema in DB]

Next Steps
Design UI for different pages

- Design/implement common template for all pages
- Design/implement specific details in each page

Create webpages using Django

Identify the payment mechanism for the system

Implementation Plan
Django framework chosen for implementing this.

Web pages to be created -

1. Login/Signup page - Donor can create account
2. Criteria filtering page - Donor can filter kitchen based on criteria
3. Donation page - Donor can choose donation plan, payment mode etc

Project Q&A


- Muthahareera Yasmeena - muthaheera[AT]gmail[DOT]com   [Primary Contact]
- Anil Dutt Yemmanuru - anildatt[AT]gmail[DOT]com
- Megha - mmyse96[AT]yahoo[DOT]com
- Pranav Pai - pranavpai[at]codeforindia[dot]org
- hima.cherukuru[at]codeforindia[dot]org