India, with such a huge geography and so many different languages, has a serious need for better signage in public places to make people feel secured when visiting a place. Better Signage for India is an initiative which aims to solve this issue with the following strategy:

1. Gather great use of signage's from around the world and create a library of signage from which users can identify the list of missing signage.
2. Encourage reporting of signage issues at various places - Street, Railways, Bus Stops, Government Offices, Police Stations, Religious and Tourist Destinations, and so on.

3. Develop a mobile app to report issues and collect funds from corporates and individuals for the local authorities to bear the cost to repair the signage.

Current Status

Design and Concept Stage

Next Steps

Coming Soon!


- UI/Web Designers
- Video creators for making the purpose viral 
- Evangelists to spread the word
- App developers for the reporting app
- Co-ordinators - Corporate: Those who can reach out to corporates to get letter of intent for sponsoring signage. 
- Co-ordinators - Government: Those who can reach out to local authorities and present the case


Pranav Pai - pranavpai[at]codeforindia[dot]org