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[Haiyya](http://www.haiyya.in) is an organization working with volunteers to create a sustainable platform by forming neighbourhood safety teams to address the issue of public safety in communities. These volunteering changemakers will help promote the app and get it into the hands of as thousands of citizens across the city to promote the cause of public safety. 

This project aims to create this simple and user-friendly app for citizens of Mumbai to send alerts to people nearby in case of any emergency. Thus, the community can help each other in case of any safety violation and prevent repeated crime. In addition, the app could have a page of emergency numbers stored.

Current Status

Identified the technical requirements and challenges. 

**User touch points**:

##### Report:
   - Pre-canned message/custom message
   - Photo of scene
   - Alert level
   - Location (via GPS if available)

##### Respond:
   - To a report with msg (will be visible to all)

##### View:
   - Alerts on map
   - Alerts list

##### Notifications:
   - On new alerts within XX km radius
   - On activity on own report or response


- Server side - Create RESTful APIs for the mobile app using the Laravel framework for PHP and host it on Amazon ec2 instance.
- Mobile application - Facebook/Twitter authentication to prevent spam emergency alerts from users. Push notifications to alert nearby users. Communicate with 3-4 remote APIs over HTTP to transfer data to and fro from the server.

Next Steps

Since the requirements are clearly identified, it is time to start implementing the above features


- Android/Iphone Developers
- UI Designers
- Back-end Developers


Anurag Ramdasan - anuragr [at] live [dot] com