Parishudh is our NGO partner which aims to increases access to sanitation infrastructure in rural Northern Karnataka.The program began in 2011 October, and has the following goals:

  • Help 10,000 families in North Karnataka have a toilet of their own in 40 villages, and educate at least 100,000 families about having a sustainable toilet of their own
  • Encourage entrepreneurs to get started in the area of building sanitation facilities for the public and to sustain this as businesses in the long run
  • Build reusable artifacts including designs, partnerships and processes to make the initiative easily repeatable elsewhere in India

This project involves creating three applications:

  1. Develop Parishudh Real-Time Progress Webcaster - Design a method for people from all over the world to check in on Parishudh's progress in real time thus helping people to develop a core understanding of the impact being made by Parishudh. This will encourage them to contribute their time, money and ideas to its progress and expansion.

  2. Develop The Nudge App - One of the reasons why toilet construction in rural areas is not up to speed is that the government incentive announced (of Rs.9,200 or $150 per toilet) is NOT reaching the families on time. To solve this issue, we want to build an app to nudge government departments who run important development-focused programs to complete their deliverables on time.

  3. Develop a Benchmarking application - This app should allow periodic tracking on the progress of the toilet construction over time and generate a weekly alert on the time taken for each state of the project. Also, it should publish a state-wide, district-wide, gram panchayat-wide comparative performance report.

Current Status

Gathered data for Chennai already!

Next Steps

Aggregate already existing public toilets, government, Sulabh, Lions Club, etc. : - Partial work can be integrated with . Display data on mobile optimized website Allow users to search locations Allow users to submit new location Connect with Facebook & Twitter for marketing Analytics to view different dimensions of data.

How can we design a method for people from all over the world to check in on different organizations progress in real time? Map View, real-time photo, video update mash-up would serve to allow people to see the progress of awareness programs, surveying, construction and hand-overs of completed toilets.

Platform should be able to be integrated with other apps or services like News app & other websites so develop APIs for integration. Any of the following technology Restful JSON API


  1. PHP, MySQL, Javascript - Developers
  2. Android - iOS Developers
  3. UI / UX Designer
  4. NGO Partnership Marketing / PR / Communications Manager


  1. Aalok Jariwala - Product/Project Lead [HTML_REMOVED]
  2. Sherin Thomas - smthomas [HTML_REMOVED],
  3. Sneha Natekar - "sneha.natekar" [HTML_REMOVED],
  4. Krishnakumar Iyer - iyerkrishnakumar.r at gmail dot com