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Girls around the nation and world do not have access to reliable, communal, and safe information about their health, especially their periods. Organizations exist to aid in family planning and encourage sexual responsibility - but these campaigns are targeted towards older teens. Schools across the nation have banned sexual health education, and it is taboo in many families to discuss the details of a menstrual cycle. 

The aim of this project is to harness technology tools, esp mobile technology, that teenage girls use everyday, in a private and accessible setting, to pull together a community of girls to learn about their menstrual cycles, monitor their menstruation and ask relevant questions. 

Current Status

1. Defined scope of the project 
- Short Term - Develop an application that acts as a daily educational tool and myth buster based on the individual female's data and determine trends unique to her menstrual cycle to be able to provide relevant feedback.
- Long Term - Expand the scope to larger audience and reach out to community of females to ask and answer bold and candid questions

Next Steps

Implement the short term goal in phases. 

**Phase 1**: Calendar, a period tracker will be the main draw for the users of the app. Most fundamental period trackers have these features: a) Symptoms and Moods for each day b) Calculation of menstrual cycle lengths c) The ability to log your periods through the calendar

**Phase 2**:Create a forum that enables teachers, nurses, peers, and parents to respond.The ‘Teen Issues’ forum on one period tracker app has 1,992,796 posts on it. Clearly, there’s a need.

**Phase 3**:“The Facts” will be official information we gather from public sites to educate the below: a) Pads +Tampons b) Signs of your first period c) We will use this to present real-time, relevant feedback based on the time of the cycle of the user.


- Android/iOS developers to create the mobile app
- UX designer to create the mobile app graphic interface and flow between the three feature sets
- Business Development personnel to facilitate  relationships with doctors, nurses, parents, and other teens to answer questions


- Ayna Agarwal - ayna [dot] agarwal [at] gmail [dot] com
- Swarna Gowri - pswarnagowri [at] gmail [dot] com
- Tulsee Doshi